Patterns against Jan Jursa, regional competition 2002, Czechia

Pattern. Teul. 틀.

We can define patterns (in Korean , teul) as various basic motions that represent techniques of attack or self defense. These motions are set to logical sequence. The pupil systematically fights against several enemies and uses offensive and defensive techniques from different directions. This helps him to learn precise motions and effective techniques. Patterns training also improves body flexibility, increases musculature, learns how to control pupil’s breath, masters special techniques he couldn’t get neither from basic exercising nor sparring.

The life of human could be rate as 1 day in comparison with eternity. However most of people want to own many materialistic items as if they should live forever. But some of human beings endeavour to do supersubstantial legacy for future generations thereby they become immortal. Obviously the spirit is eternal whereas the materialism is not. General Choi Hong Hi has left Taekwon-do for us as a remembrance of the 20th century man. Twenty-four patterns symbolize 24 hours, 1 day or the whole life and each of them is in honour of most outstanding people in Korean history.

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