Czech Republic Championship 2007

Final match between brothers Radek and Michal Košátko
Final match between brothers Radek and Michal Košátko

From 2nd to 4th November the Czech Republic Championship 2007 took place in Třeboň the south-bohemian town. During last year team of Frýdek-Místek Taekwon-do ITF School prepared themself for this important event to reach the top and be between 3 best Schools in Czech Republic.

Michal Košátko was one of more than 300 competitors from Czech Republic and between 31 competitors of Frýdek-Místek’s squad who participated. More than 20 Taekwon-do Schools took part on this year’s Championship.

To discipline of patterns, sparring, special techniques and power breaking has been added the next one – self defense. Team disciplines were also included: patterns team, sparring team, special techniques team and power breaking team.

Friday and Saturday belonged to younger competitors and veterans. Seniors, from 18 to 40 years, started on Saturday evening. First discipline was self defense. Frýdek-Místek team with Michal Košátko, Radek Košátko, Filip Gavlas, and Lumír Kunz showed good-looking self defense show 1 man against 3 opponents and gained nice silver medal.

The second discipline Michal competed in was the 2nd Degrees patterns. After beating all his opponents he went forward to the final on Sunday evening.

In sparring it was more difficult because the categories of -85 kg and +85 kg were merged into one. In 1st round Michal won over the competitor from České Budějovice although he hurt his leg. The next round was harder. The 2nd opponent was Lukáš Martiník, Czech National Team Member but that well balanced fight has been won by Michal again. In final Michal’s brother Radek was waiting on the second side of the ring. This discipline final was also planned on Sunday evening again.

In special techniques Michal got 10 points from maximum 15 when he missed Dollimyo Chagi kick and Nopi Chagi kick was not done hard enough. In this discipline Michal didn’t get any medal.

Frýdek-Místek senior team with Michal Košátko, Radek Košatko, Martin Kosík, Petr Horňáček, Zdeněk Weselowski, and Tomáš Peter won next 3 medals in team disciplines. In patterns team they won over Karviná team when they showed better choreography. The mistake in Karviná team’s marching has decided who is the winner. In next round Frýdek competed against Třeboň team. Třeboň team showed accurate pattern without mistakes and eliminated Frýdek’s team from further match. Bronze medal.

Next discipline for Frýdek-Místek squad was sparring team. In 1st round they won over Ostrava team, in 2nd round over Plzeň team. In 3rd round they lost and deserved bronze medal again.

The last discipline they were successful in was special techniques in team. Because of low specialization of the half team the only competing guys were Michal, Radek and Martin. They broke all 3 boards and with 9 points they surprisingly reached 2nd place, silver medal.

On Sunday evening finals matches were on the progam. In patterns of 2nd Degrees Michal competed against Jan Mraček from Třeboň. Jan is one of the best Taekwon-do member of Czech Federation and has many valueable winnings in his sport career, especially in sparring discipline but now in patterns he lost. Michal showed Juche and Kwang-Gae patterns and won a gold medal.

Sparring discipline was the top of the evening. In final he stood against his 4 years younger but taller and heavier brother Radek. It was very well balanced match, mainly difficult by the fact that both know each others technique and strategy from day to day trainings. After 2 round Michal won the match and got next gold medal.

Overall Frýdek-Místek has ended on 3rd place with 11 gold, 18 silver, and 16 bronze medals.

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