SAP Projects

IT Delivery Center Project (Natek)
Consultancy to set up IT Delivery Center for Natek company, covering technical and methodological side of the project.

Early Adoption Starter Project (Cyberport)
Managing SAP S/4 Hana Readiness Check for current SAP ECC 6.0 system based on Linux/Oracle 12 platform. Analysis of custom code.

Archiving Project (Cyberport)
Managing the archiving setup on SAP ECC 6.0 of most used archiving objects (IDOCs, material documents, sales documents, deliveries, billing documents etc.).

SAP System Installations
System installations of SAP NetWeaver 7.52 on MaxDB, SAP ERP 6.0 Enhnancement Package 8 on Oracle 12.2, SAP ERP 6.0 on Microsoft Server 2016.

Warehouse Hardware Obsolescence (Airbus)
Managing operational part during warehouse landscape upgrade (SAP, TekConsole, Viastore), new SLA and KPIs build between Airbus and outsourcing company.

Architecture Retrofit of eLogbook (Airbus)
Managing migration of the services between countries, setup of connection for new partners, build of SLA for the service.

eSpares Project (Airbus)
Managing performance improvement in spare parts ordering for mother company and all subs. Responsible for ICT topics during the project, set up of ALE, Tibco connection, shared resources; development and GoLive support.

SAP All-in-One (ERP 6.0) Upgrade (Airbus)
Managing upgrade of SAP AIO system ERP 6.0 to EhP6 for UK, Mexico and Singapore including C-CEE + ECC-DIMP components; technical support, issue solving, accountable for technical delivery incl. financial costs and on time delivery.

Project and Portfolio Management landscape upgrade (Airbus)
Managing upgrade of SAP PPM system from V5.0 to V6.1; responsible for technical delivery, financial costs and delivery of POC system, coordination of technical and functional teams; issue solving.

Vadstena Project (Airbus)
Creation of new subsidiary in Romania to assemble Super Puma MK1 helicopters in addition to the current AH ROM subsidiary; managing infrastructure topics related to new subsidiary (participation on the final strategy, accountable of SAP ECC system update to be compliant with Romanian law and processes, support of functional teams and issue solution).

StreamServe upgrade (Airbus)
ICT leader for upgrade of critical StreamServe system responsible for specific pdf creation for helicopter’s log cards; linked to SAP, accountable for technical upgrade, financial costs; cooperation with functional team, and final tests.

Self Reset of Application Passwords (Airbus)
Operational leader of project allowing users self-reset of their passwords on the whole SAP landscape via portal; cooperation with functional team, management of technical settings across the landscape including network and security.

SAP All-in-One (ERP 6.0) Upgrade (Airbus)
Managing upgrade to EhP7 for Romanian subsidiary; planning, coordination of vendors responsible for technical upgrade and functional teams for testing; cooperation on problem solutions; upgrade including OS and database layer upgrade (Windows + MS SQL Server).

Project and Portfolio Management (Airbus)
Managing new 3-layer landscape installation, cost estimation, responsible for performance, sizing and operational run.

SAP GUI Installation (Airbus)
Project manager of SAP GUI installation. Planning, costs estimation, coordination, problem investigation and upgrade of SAP GUI for 20.000 users, vendors and suppliers. Coordination with parallel projects of OS upgrade.

BAU SAP Support Transition (Danone)
Managing SAP service transition from Czechia to India, SAP activities on 80 SAP instances and related technologies (liveCache, Content Servers, APO Optimizers), process and procedures preparation, transfer schedule planning, on-site upskilling.

Oracle V10 upgrade (Louis Vuitton)
Oracle upgrading and patching including Oracle Data Grid from version to

Transition of Informatica PowerCenter & PowerChannel Service (Danone)
Service transition of data analysis tools between service centers in France and Czechia (technical architecture, ODS/DSS landscape, DB2 UDB, Oracle), workflows transport

Central User Administration Setup (Danone)
Setup of Central User Administration on SAP landscape.

Installation of SAP landscape
Installation of ECC system on Windows Server 2003 with Oracle 10g and MaxDB databases.


Other tasks
SAP notes implementation, system refresh, language installation, kernel upgrade, database update and upgrade, investigation, SAP printer management, Support Package implementation, Support Package Stacks implementation, application implementation and setup (TopFlow, DispoCockpit, BMC TRAK), STMS setup, Solman ChaRM usage/problem solutions, license management, SAP Marketplace setup, EarlyWatch reports analysis, workload analysis, performance analysis, ABAP code analysis (loops, memory table usage), update statistics, solution proposals, ABAP+JAVA parameters configuration, Oracle+DB2 parameters configuration; creation of monitoring scripts for SAP systems on OS level, managing Transport-Based Correction Instructions (TCI) implementation, authorizations