Nikon d7200

Tip: Electronics

I do like photography and IT in general. I was then thinking what electronics to take with me and how to handle the energy and backups to not loose any data. It is true that the electronics cover about 3 – 4 kg of overall backpack weight but at least I am gonna get stronger.


Lenovo Yoga 900: small and light notebook used to write blogs and to backup photos and videos from camera and phone. Capacity of SSD disk is 512 GB and should be sufficient even for NEF photo formats from the camera. To avoid loss of data due to theft or damage, backup of data is done to NAS storage located in Czechia. Let see what the bandwidth will be. Other important documents are synchronized in real time with Google Drive. To ease the navigation I have also downloaded offline maps of Asia and America into my laptop and mobile phone.

Samsung Galaxy S8+: alpha omega of information search, navigation, book reading, communication, multimedia recording, study and also as a remote control for the DSLR camera

Nikon D7200 with 18 – 140 mm lens: a DSLR camera to record all the nice moments with 2 SD cards of 32 GB size each in a mirroring setting

Tripod: a small tripod that can hold a camera as well as a mobile phone. Moreover the stands are flexible as octopus tentacles and can be customized according to situation.

Powerbank: 16 000 mAh power bank to have enough energy to fully charge the phone 4 – 5 times

Hand watch: Xiaomi Mi Band 2 smart watches connected by bluetooth to my phone, vibrating in case any important notification as well as in the morning when it is time to wake up. Charging each 3 weeks.

Wired & wireless earplugs: Music is a must.

Headlight: For the adventure trips and dark nights.

Electronic adapter: Due to the fact that Japan, Thailand, Cambodia, USA, south America, Europe has different electricity plugs, an international adapter is needed for every traveler. I have ordered the one that has also 4 additional USB plugs on side to charge in parallel mobile phone or power bank.

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