Czech Summer Challenge team

Czech Summer Challenge 2008 invitation

Czech national team is one of the most successful teams in Taekwon-do ITF on European as well as World Championships and also the first one who has beaten DPR Korea team in patterns in the whole Taekwon-do history. Therefore we would like to offer you a unique opportunity to participate on a training camp in summer 2008.

We would be really glad to see you with us in Třeboň, Czechia. You do not need to be afraid of hair colouring, this is the tradition only for Czech team and we are not going to persuade you.

We prepared lots of trainings for you and between the trainers you can also meet and train with Mr. Jaroslav Vomáčk, head trainer of Czech team; Mr. Rostislav Kaňka, ex-trainer of Czech team; Mr. Kamil Vyvial, ex-trainer of Czech senior male team, and other excellent people who get the Czech team on the top.

You all know that Taekwon-do is not only drilling from the mornings to the nights and you all know that Czech team is friendly. Do not forget your good mood! Due to limited accomodation and the size of the training hall, we are able to limit the number of participants to 50. You also need to be an owner of 1st Dan or higher.

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