Czech Summer Challenge 2008

CSC 2008 sponsored by Source partner

First year of international training camp of Korean martial art Taekwon-do ITF took place in south-bohemian town of Třeboň under the title Czech Summer Challenge between 27th July and 3rd August 2008.

First training started on Saturday evening and continued next days in three-phase trainings. Whole event was organized by today’s and former masters of Europe, World and  successful representatives of Czech Republic in patterns, sparring, special techniques and power breaking Jan Mraček, Michal Košátko, Lukáš Vaněk and Jan Klaška. Members of Taekwon-do ITF could come, test their abilities and improve their blow hits and kicks anytime during the event. “This is the reason why some days we had more people on the trainings and other less. However, our training capacities were more then sufficient.” as one of the organizers Jan Kaška mentioned.

An invitation for the event was accepted by masters of Europe and by successful competitors in kick-box Petr Kotík, Marek Svitek and Ivo Zubatý. Under their leadership participiants had a chance to experience what is a daily training like in their club in Prague. Whole Czech Summer Challenge assembly was meant to be a preparation for the upcoming mastership, which will take place in slovenian town Bledu in the start of the next year. Various training configurations were performed, such as training for sport struggles,, improvement of box blow hits, training of explosibility, reactions and speed, same as technical configurations and special technics. These specifically oriented trainings were diversified by trainings focused on the development of physical power, voleyball, kick-box aerobic and relaxation in spa. Afterwards, on Wednesday 30th July participians set for a descent of the river Lučnice.

Representants from Ireland, such as Martin Mahoney, Joseph Beadle, John Malone joined Czech representatives on the event same as members of Scottish federation, V. Dan and a representative coach, Peter McAnna with his son Kevin.

We would like to thank our general sponsor, company Source Executive Recruitment for their sponsorship, which helped us to prepare outstanding conditions for participants of the event.

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