11th International Budo Meeting

Next year of Budo Meeting, already 11th, took place in Zürich, Switzerland on 31 November, 2009. The budo show offered amazing martial art tricks including fights, free style shows, acrobatics, Chinese dragons, self-defense against weapons and several attackers. All the event was managed by Master Hwa Chin Yaw.

Among the performers you could see for example Jean Dutelle known from Paris musical Flüstern des Windes, Korean Master Keun-Tae Lee, Master Benj Lee and his capoeira show, Master Sigong Chow Kok Yeng with his Chin Woo Kung Fu School and dragon show. Master Düzgören and his wing tsun was one of the most professional demonstration at all. Last but not least we could see the world-famous Chloe Bruce and her team from England performing breath-taking freestyle forms, Master M. Yuen and his Haedong Kumdo, world champion Daniel Graham or Mr Hwa Chin Yaw and his Taichi.

Even Taekwon-do ITF Brno together with Michal Košátko took part on this budo event and the team presented Taekwon-do in its beauty. Fifteen minutes was enough to show special techniques, power breaking, self defense, sparring, pattern and at the end tile power breaking.

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