Martin Mahoney’s feedback about CSC 2008

I would like to thank all the guys (Michal, Lukas, Jan, Jan, Roman) for organising such a fantastic, highly skilled, well organised and well run camp. The trainings where well thought out and well prepared, we had a schedule so we knew exactly what discipline we would be training for and so we could prepare for the tough trainings (the only way the Czech know how) that was in store.

Where else would you get to train with so many experienced international competitors’, with many European and World Championship medals, and European and World Champions! The setting of the camp was fantastic in the lovely town of Třeboň, where the people where friendly and the weather was lovely. I particularly liked the great comrodary and friendliness between all participants and organisers.

I learned many new and exciting drills and combinations at the camp which I can practice at home. To help improve my skills in all disciplines, especially sparring, which is my favourite! We were shown many different combinations and movements for sparring which each one of the different organisers like to use in their sparring, and when it was the appropriate time to use them in a spar. As we where practicing these combinations and movements on the pads they would go around and correct mistakes individually and show us what exactly we needed to do to perform them correctly. By the end of the camp I was rattling of these combinations and using them in my spars.

I also learned some great pointers on how I could maximise my jump/reach for special technique, new exercises to help increase your jump, which I had never seen before at any other trainings I was ever at, and by the end of the camp I was hitting heights which I couldn’t hit before.

We also had a class on power breaking where I learned new ways in which to move your body when hitting the target to improve your chances of breaking.

This truly was a fantastic camp and one in which I look forward to taking part in for years to come. I would recommend this camp to anyone who has aspirations of competing at international competitions at the highest level, not to hesitate in getting involved in this camp and taking part. As it truly is an experience that you cannot miss again.

Already looking forward to next year’s camp,


Martin Mahoney, 😉

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