Osprey Farpoint 55

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Osprey Farpoint 55
Osprey Farpoint 55

Before the journey starts, one of the question is what to take with, not to be too heavy but on the other hand to have at least a decent comfort related to weather conditions, accomodation and unexpected situations. At the end I mixed lots of stuff and got 15 kg heavy bagpack. I read several times that the optimal weight should be about 7 kg but I will get at least stronger with my double weight. 🙂

All has started with a choice of a suitable bagpack. I have chosen Osprey Farpoint 55 for few reasons:

  • The bag itself is light.
  • The size of 55 liters can take all my stuff and still have space for food and water. The digital camera has anyway its own small bag.
  • The bagpack consists of 2 packs, the smaller one can take 15 liters and can be used separately as a day trips bagpack while the bigger one stays in the room. It has enough pockets to hold laptop, documents, raincoat, water and food. The bigger one is 40 liters and have 1 big space, 1 pocket and 2 compression belts for all the stuff.
  • When you do not need to wear the big one on the back, you can zip the straps inside and get a pleasant and good looking hand luggage.
  • You can connect the small bagpack on the big one from the back side or you can wear the big one on your back while the small one you connect from the front side on your chest to keep all important documents on sight.


Let see what I was able to pack into the bagpack.

  • Taekwon-do: training clothes, black belt, teeth protector
  • Adventure: bagpack itself, multifunctional knife, mosquito net, sleeping bag, keylockers, raincoat, waterproof sacks
  • Healthcare: some cosmetics, towel, bandage, blasters, desinfection spray, tweezers, some pills against nausea, stomach issues and fever
  • Clothes: windstopper jacket, light sweater, t-shirts, shirt, sporty trousers, normal trousers, shorts, underwear, socks, swimming suit, FiveFinger shoes, flip flops, cap, bandanas
  • Electronics: hand watch, mobile, notebook, DSLR camera and its cover bag, SD cards, small tripod, powerbank, earplugs, headlight, USB keys, USB cables, chargers, electric adapters
  • Other: documents and their copies, photos for visas, paper notebook, pen, book, sunglasses, some money, few presents for locals

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