Grandmaster Hwang Ho Yong, IX. Dan

Grandmaster Hwang Ho Yong, IX Dan

Grandmaster Hwang Ho Yong, IX. Dan
Grandmaster Hwang Ho Yong, IX. Dan

Mr. Hwang Ho Yong was born on May 11th, 1956 in small town Sin-Uiz in DPRK more accurately near Chinese borders. He has started to do Taekwon-do at the age of 13 but at first he preffered other sports like basketball and gymnastics. After some time he was so charmed by Taekwon-do he begun to dedicate all his time for trainings and improvement techniques. His older brother and sister did Taekwon-do as well. Thanks to perfect teachers, hard trainings and his energy, diligence, and untamable spirit he has got 1st degree at 17. He also knew what career he would like.

Mr. Hwang studied at the University specialized to sport. After graduation he worked for Korean Taekwon-do Federation. At his 28 years Mr. Hwang successfully pass the 4th Degree examination in front of legendary Taekwon-do founder, General Choi Hong Hi and became international instructor with rights to teach Taekwon-do ITF.

During exhibitions and championships Mr. Hwang was interested in special kick techniques to the high. In Korean they are called “t-ki” and he proved he is the best in them when he won Korean Championship twice. Many photos of “flying” Master are nowadays presented in original Taekwon-do ITF Encyclopedia. In fact he was the first who proved the possibility of accomplishing 3 and more regular kicks in one jump.

In 1987 Mr. Hwang came to Czechoslovakia for 3 years to teach this modern martial art. On July 19th, 1990 Czech Taekwon-do Federation has been founded. In 1992 Mr. Hwang and Czech national team went to Korea for 8th World Senior Championship.

Since 1992 till 1995 Mr. Hwang stayed in DPRK and became head coach of Trainers’ Department and Korean National Team. In this time he already has 7th Degree. In the fall 1995 Mr. Hwang came to Czech Republic with his wife and a daughter. One year later his son was born.

In the fall 2000 he came to DPRK again and was named for International Instructors Chairman. In December 2002 he has come back to Czech Republic and one year later in Greece he has got 8th Degree with ordinal number K-8-4 which means Korea-8th Degree-4th in order. Thereby he has become one of the highest degrees in Taekwon-do ITF. Currently Mr. Hwang is 9th Degree which is the highest possible grade in Taekwon-do ITF.

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